[Name], how CA's wildfires affect housing, and referrals from unlicensed assistants.  

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Week of November 13, 2017


CA wildfires displace thousands — where will they live now?
Affected housing markets face a major challenge in rebuilding.

Letter to the Editor: May an unlicensed assistant take a listing then assign it to their broker for a fee?
We answer your questions about referral fees for unlicensed assistants.

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Baby Boomer renter population growing fast
More seniors are entering the rental market.

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Do you believe undisclosed fees paid to real estate brokers or their agents for referring clients to home warranty companies are illegal kickbacks?


Agent and Broker-Associate Employment Agreements — Forms 505 and 506
The agent’s and broker-associate’s written right to compensation.

Managing Trust Funds [video]
The basics of properly handling trust funds.

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Maximum fees for nonjudicial foreclosure sale increased
Updates to trustee's fee amounts.

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Income inequality harms CA’s housing market [chart]
Income inequality is catching up with the economy.

Landlords prohibited from taking action against tenants based on immigration status
New rules for landlords to protect tenants' immigration status.

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May a carryback seller collect the balance on carryback debt when the property is sold in a nonjudicial foreclosure?
Get the ruling here.

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CA tiered home pricing [chart]
Home prices continued to rise in August 2017.

Public agencies may not require landlords to report tenant citizenship status
Landlords cannot be compelled to disclose immigration status.

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CA home sales volume lays low [chart]
Home sales volume was lower in September 2017 than the prior year.

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FARM: Maximize your investment
A flyer for investment property owners.

The DRE reborn — recovering $4 million annually for licensees
Why the CalBRE's return to the DRE is positive for real estate licensees.

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