[Name], demand continues to grow and a review of smoke alarm rules.  

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Week of October 9, 2017


Homebuyer demand reaches pre-recession peak
High demand exists despite rapidly rising prices.

Counteroffer, and Rejection of Offer — Form 180 and 184
Analysis of forms used when the first offer is not accepted.

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Understanding the CalBRE [video]
A review of the CalBRE's role and function.

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How often do your sellers accept the first offer they receive?


Clearing up smoke alarm laws for residential properties
How to comply with rules controlling smoke alarms.

Base year value of new construction determined once construction is complete
Updates to assessment rules for new construction.

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May a bona fide purchaser claim title to a property based on a default judgment that is later voided?
Get the ruling here.

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Current market rates [chart]
FRM rates increased during the past week.

FARM: Commercial Flyer
A flyer for advertising commercial property.

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Housing shortage: Graduated zoning changes are the answer
Graduated zoning is fueled by private enterprise.

Form udpates  Form Updates This Month

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