[Name], CA's affordable housing legislation, and becoming a notary public. 

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Week of September 25, 2017


Real estate professionals need to know: new affordable housing laws
CA’s legislature has taken major action on the statewide affordable housing shortage.

Enhance your practice and become a notary public
Take advantage of business opportunities and expand your earning potential.

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Legislative Gossip Update, September 2017
Updated rules for trust fund withdrawals by broker employees, and more.

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Poll  Vote on it

How will home prices be affected by ending the mortgage interest tax deduction (MID)?


CA’s hidden homeownership expenses are a tough sell for buyers
Extra homeowner costs are higher than average in CA.

Proposition 13 amendment may be voted on next year
Prop 13 may undergo changes from a proposed ballot initiative.

Marketing Your Investment Property [infographic]
A guide to selling an income property.

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Current market rates [chart]
FRM rates increased during the past week.

The Agency Law Disclosure Part II: Agencies Confirmed [video]
Using the confirmation provision to make an agency relationship known.

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Authorizations to Prepare a Home Inspection Report and an NHD Report — Form 130 and 131
Analysis of the forms used for property reports.

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FARM: Credit Freeze Basics
Explain credit freezes to clients with this flyer.

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May a landlord increase rent for a rent-controlled unit after entering into a buyout agreement with the former tenant?
Get the ruling here.

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FARM: Listing a residential income property
Solicit listings from income property owners.

Form udpates  Form Updates This Month

- Loan Brokerage: Forms 202-1, 202-2, 203, 204-1, 204-3, 205-1, 207, 207-1, 210, 212, 212-1, 214, 215, 222, 223, 223-1 and 223-2

- Sale and Purchase Agreements: Forms 155-1, 160, 162-1, 171, 182, 182-1 and 186


To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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