[Name], CA moving patterns, and the threat of rising sea levels.  

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Week of July 24, 2017


CA moving patterns: In with the young, out with the old
Retirees are leaving as young adults move in.

42,000 CA homes to be lost to rising sea level
Data suggests sea levels rise one-eighth of an inch each year.

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The California Association of Realtors hacked, members compromised
Hackers gained access to sensitive information about CAR members.

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Poll  Vote on it

Is the number of homebuyers with a down payment smaller than 20% increasing, decreasing or staying the same?


A primer on the California Bureau of Real Estate
A look at the state agency behind your real estate license.

CA real estate almanac: past and future
Our updated economic recovery timeline.

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Do irregularities in the securitization of a mortgage void a later foreclosure sale?
Get the ruling here.

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Poll  Client Q&A Flyers

Need an easier way to inform your clients? Use our printable Client Q&A Flyers as reference guides to answer questions frequently posed by clients, from inquiries about disclosure requirements to closing the sale of their home. Find our growing collection of Client Q&A Flyers here.

Are there specific questions your clients commonly ask which you’d like to see us develop into a Client Q&A Flyer? Submit your requests to editorial@firsttuesday.us.


The rise and fall of real estate brokers and agents
The number of active agents saw a bump in the first half of 2017.

FARM: Ready to sell? (Postcard)
Solicit listings and referrals from homeowners.

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Current market rates
FRM rates decreased last week.

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FARM: Reviving your listing
A flyer for sellers with expired listings.

Homebuyers consistently overpay on their first home
Why first-time buyers pay more than they need to.

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Poll Form Updates This Month

- Landlord and Tenant: Forms 552, 552-4, 552-5, 553, 553-1, 554, 555, 556, 558 and 559

- Office Management and Supervision: Form 545

- Sale and Loan Escrow: Forms 401, 403, 420, 421, 425, 426, 430 and 455

- Transaction Disclosure Sheets: Forms 300, 300-1, 302, 303 and 314

- Addendum Provisions: Form 270

- Loan Brokerage: Forms 204-2, 209-3 and 241

- Sale and Purchase Agreements: Forms 170 and 185


To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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