[Name], comparing CA's home prices, and avoiding flaky sellers.  

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Week of May 29, 2017


CA home prices pale in comparison to these places
See how CA home prices compare to prices abroad.

A lasting listing: how to avoid flaky sellers
Steps agents may take to vet potential seller-clients.

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Too much urban construction in CA?
A construction shortage rocks the close-in suburbs.

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Poll  Vote on it

Is California real estate still in the midst of a speculator-driven bubble?


The down and dirty on bed bugs
An analysis of the new bed bug addendum for landlords.

Rental shortage bolstered by…illegal units?
The pros and cons of converting an illegal rental unit.

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FARM: Expired Listing? Let me help!
A postcard for expired listings.

Poll  Realtipedia

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FARM: Determine your buyer purchasing power
Help your clients assess their purchasing power.

Using the yield spread to forecast recessions [chart]
The yield spread continued to decrease in March 2017.

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FARM: Stay Cool and Save Money
Help your clients save money on cooling costs.

Real estate agent: a robot-proof job?
Are real estate agents at risk of losing their job to a robot?

Poll Form Updates This Month

- Addendum Provisions: Form 281
- Sale and Loan Escrow: Forms 406, 415, 418-1, 418-2, 418-5, 419, 422, 424, 431, 433, 436, 447 ,456, 457, 465, 471 and 474

- Transaction Disclosure Sheets: Forms 312 and 339
- Listing Forms and Marketing Package: Forms 102, 111, 113, 116 and 137
- Office Management and Supervision: Forms 501, 502, 507, 525, 527 and 548

- Landlord and Tenant Forms: Forms 550, 552-7, 552-8, 553-2, 557, 563-2, 563-3 and 584-1

- Sale and Purchase Agreements: Form 182


To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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