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Week of May 22, 2017


Real estate agent: a robot-proof job?
Are real estate agents at risk of losing their job to a robot?

CalBRE’s Complaint Resolution Program mediates disputes
CalBRE's mediation program is free and confidential.

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Low FHA premiums aren’t all they’re cracked up to be
Why sellers are the real beneficiaries of FHA mortgages.

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Poll  Vote on it

What percentage of your real estate clients do not initial the arbitration provision found in CAR-type purchase agreements?


Transit and Walk Scores measure home values
Higher home prices are linked to walkability and public transit.

The rise and fall of real estate brokers and agents [chart]
The number of active brokers is slowly declining.

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Marketing your brand
How to choose and implement your real estate brand.

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Poll  Live Crash Course

Need a last-minute study session for your upcoming state exam? Sign up for a live crash course! Our one-day crash courses are located in multiple cities throughout California. Call 951.781.7300 or enroll online.


FARM: Delinquent property taxes
A letter to homeowners with delinquent property taxes.

Newly licensed sales agent and broker population [chart]
The number of new sales agents rose in Q1 2017.

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FARM: A familiar face in real estate
Advertise to your sphere of influence.

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FARM: New agent in your neighborhood
An introduction letter for agents new to a neighborhood.

A guide to email FARMing
Instructions for using our HTML FARM Letters in your marketing.

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Poll Form Updates This Month

- Addendum Provisions: Form 281
- Sale and Loan Escrow: Forms 406, 415, 418-1, 418-2, 418-5, 419, 422, 424, 431, 433, 436, 447 ,456, 457, 465, 471 and 474

- Transaction Disclosure Sheets: Forms 312 and 339
- Listing Forms and Marketing Package: Forms 102, 111, 113, 116 and 137
- Office Management and Supervision: Forms 501, 502, 525, 527 and 548

- Landlord and Tenant Forms: Form 584-1


To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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