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Week of March 6, 2017


More home sales are failing to close
Find out which cities in California had the most sales fall through in 2016.

The due-on threat prevents seller carrybacks
Not so fast, carryback sellers: a big due-on is in your way.

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CA foreclosures fully recovered in 2016
The number of CA homes in foreclosure remained low in 2016.

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How often are your financed deals killed by low appraisals?


ARM rates on the rise
ARM rates increased significantly going into 2017.

The Monthly Statistical Update for March 2017.

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Modular homes are a new old trend
Our guest writer provides a brief Q&A on modular homes.

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FARM: April Newsletter – Design 4
A printable newsletter for the month of April.

FARM: How much is your home worth?
A postcard to solicit homeowners.

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Newly licensed sales agent and broker population
The number of new agent and broker licenses rose from the prior year in Q4 2016.

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Poll  Client Q&A Flyers

Need an easier way to inform your clients and answer their real estate related questions? Use our printable Client Q&A flyers as reference guides to answer questions frequently posed by your clients, from inquiries about disclosure requirements to closing the sale of their home. Browse our growing collection of Client Q&A’s here.


Today’s CPI change: tomorrow’s residential rents
The CPI rose in January 2017 over the previous year.

Mass deportations will harm the housing market
We examine what will happen to our state when deportations occur.

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Poll  February 2017 RPI Form updates

- Sale and Purchase Agreements: Forms 160, 161, 161-1, 161-2, 162, 162-1, 168, 172-2, 172-3, 173-3
- Loan Brokerage: Form 201-1

To access all updated forms, view our RPI Forms library here.


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