[Name], CA's overvalued markets, and the CFPB's new foreclosure protections.  

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Week of November 21, 2016 


CA’s overvalued housing markets: cause for concern?
A look at housing bubbles in CA.

CFPB increases foreclosure protections
New servicer rules for mortgage delinquencies.

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The unemployment rate is useless for real estate
Why unemployment does not present an accurate picture of the market.

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Is the name recognition of a franchise an important factor when choosing a brokerage company to work for?


CA mortgage and foreclosure rights for successors
Updated rules for mortgage servicers and successors on an owner's death.

Does minimal noise from a neighbor’s outdoor event constitute a private nuisance?
Get the ruling here.

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Housing elements to consider residential development over city- or county-owned units
Housing plans will now include airspace above city- and county-owned properties.

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Friends don't let friends read stale real estate news. Help your friends stay on top of current market trends and new housing laws: tell them to read the first tuesday journal.


May a local ordinance prevent landlords from merging rental units after evicting tenants under the Ellis Act?
A California court of appeals weighs in.

Using the yield spread to forecast recessions and recoveries [chart]
The yield spread increased in September 2016.

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FARM: Tips for finding and buying your first home
A flyer to solicit first-time homebuyers.

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FARM: Just sold in your neighborhood
Advertise your sold property in a neighborhood.

What a Trump presidency means for the housing market
We took a closer look at Trump's proposed economic policies.

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