[Name], why Brown's housing proposal failed, and CA's hot solar market.  

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Week of September 26, 2016 


Brown’s housing proposal slain by construction unions
Wage agreements are at the center of the proposal's failure.

Strong growth potential for CA’s hot solar market
Solar is taking off the most here in the Golden State.

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Neighborhood factors, conditions and security – buyers need to know
An analysis of the form used to disclose neighborhood conditions.

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Poll  Vote on it

In your experience, what percentage of landlords require tenants to purchase renters insurance?


LA to update community plans, faces outrage and applause
Why the plan to faciliate urban growth has sparked debate.

High prices hold back CA home sales volume
Sales volume slowed in July 2016.

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FARM: Building a financial strategy for new homeowners
Tips to help new homeowners manage their finances.

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Jobs move real estate
Job numbers continued to rise in August 2016.

FARM: Alternatives to central A/C
Help your clients choose the best alternative cooling system.

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Mortgage loan originators in CA on the rise
The number of state-licensed MLOs is up from last year.

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FARM: Buy versus rent comparison analysis
A flyer for comparing the costs of buying and renting.

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