[Name], the next housing bust and avoiding delayed disclosures.  

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Week of September 19, 2016 


Is the U.S. housing market at risk of another bust?
The housing market may not be as stable as it appears.

Disclosure and inspection timelines
Avoid delayed disclosures in purchase agreements.

CalHFA lends billions — but first-time homebuyers still outnumber relief
CalHFA’s lending practices still fall short of buoying CA homebuyers.

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Do you believe the interests of mortgage lenders are opposed to those of homebuyers?


Transient occupancy and temporary stays
An analysis of the form used for transient occupancies.

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City Council approves Newport Beach encroachments
Beachfront residents may continue their encroachment on public beaches.

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Does recreational use of a temporary public easement on private property result in an implied dedication of the land?
Get the ruling here.

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Ad 901: Economic Trends in Ca Real Estate

Enroll in our 45-hour package #901: Economic Trends in California Real Estate and get all the renewal hours you need, PLUS an up-to-date report on the latest market trends! You'll learn about the 25 market factors guiding real estate in California so you're prepared for tomorrow's market. Sign up online or call 951.781.7300.


FARM: Solicitation for owners of commercial property
A letter directed to commercial property owners.

Auto sales drive the market
Auto sales were about level with the prior year in August 2016.

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FARM: 4 reasons to list your home in the fall
Help your clients take advantage of the season's selling perks.

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FARM: Organize your closets
Give your clients tips for tidying up their closet spaces.

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