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Week of July 11, 2016 


Buyer purchasing power at historical high – except in CA
Why buyer purchasing power is lagging behind in California.

Legislative Gossip Update, July 2016
Amendments to the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act, and more.

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Flippers are back, but not in CA
See why flippers are waving goodbye to California's real estate market.

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How will mortgage rate increases affect the market over the next five years?


Rental agreement and condition of premises addendum
An analysis of the forms used for tenant pre-possession protections.

CA Millennials mooch off parents
Gen Y still shows no signs of leaving the nest.

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Brokerage Reminder: Property management licensing
A review of requirements for keeping property management employees compliant.

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CA retirees weigh their housing options
Are retiring Baby Boomers better off renting?

The source of home price movement: buyer purchasing power
BPPI continued its slow upward trend in Q2 2016.

Seller carrybacks pick up speed
Recent housing conditions beckon the return of carryback financing.

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The rising trend in CA construction starts
Multifamily starts stalled while SFR starts rose in the last six months.

Rent increases again overpower East Palo Alto tenants
The city council's latest approval allows higher rent hikes.

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The interplay between home sales, GDP and employment
CA's GDP increased substantially in 2015.

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