[Name], a guide to landlord inspections, and CA's sluggish home sales.  

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Week of July 4, 2016 


A residential landlord’s rental inspection guide
All you need to know about entering and inspecting rental units.

CA homes sales volume slows
Why is CA home sales volume lagging behind the rest of the country?

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Regional housing indicators
Trends and forecasts for California's largest regions.

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Is the number of buyers with a down payment smaller than 20% increasing, decreasing or staying the same?


Sacramento home prices rise back to 2004 levels
A look at recovering home prices in the area.

Overbidding rampant in Bay Area markets
Why buyers in the area are overbidding for homes.

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Chargers Stadium to shake up downtown San Diego
How will the new stadium affect the local real estate market?

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Ad Renewal Course

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Resentment roils over Alameda’s rising rent and eviction epidemic
The volatile market has seen an increase in UD actions.

CA tiered home pricing
Prices continued to rise in April 2016.

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Is a recorded deed required to transfer title to a property into a trust?
Get the ruling here.

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Sales volume, interest rates and California home prices
The Monthly Statistical Update for July 2016.

FARM: 7 ways to reduce water usage around the house
Tips for saving on water usage in the house.

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