[Name], obstacles faced by minority buyers, and rising rents in SoCal.  

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Week of June 20, 2016 


What minority buyers face on all sides
We explore the obstacles racial minorities face in California real estate.

SoCal apartment rents on the rise
Why rent increases are tied to zoning restrictions.

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Keep Your Home California — it came too late and stayed too long
More federal funding is keeping this relief program alive.

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How do existing solar panels most often influence a buyer’s decision to purchase a property?


The homestead – automatic and declared
A guide to protecting homeowner equity with homesteads.

Address rules for credit reports
Know how to respond to address discrepancies in a credit report.

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Brokers refer clients – finders solicit
An analysis of the referral and finder's fee agreements.

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Oakland to charge affordable housing impact fees
New developer fees will take effect later this year.

High prices hold back California home sales volume
April home sales volume was lower than the prior year.

San Diego to gain crucial multi-family building
A new apartment complex is scheduled to replace the California Theatre.

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The 20% solution: personal savings rates
Personal savings was low in Q1 2016.

Client Q&A: Why should I care about LTV and FMV?
Explain the LTV and FMV to your clients with this flyer.

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MIP, PMI, or neither?
An update on MIP and PMI rates for Q1 2016.

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Client Q&A: What is an Income Property Brokerage (IPB) marketing package?
A flyer on marketing income property.

FARM: Let me manage your property
Market your property management services.

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"This is not an economic issue or a 'class' issue no matter how much the writer(s) would like it to be. It is a values issue. [...] Most of those who become rentiers learn to be either through formal education or on their own, although it is clearly true that some are born into it (so what). What rentiers learn or just figure out on their own, is to live as frugally as one can reasonably do and save for the future and then invest in that future. [...] What debtors generally do is live the maximum lifestyle today that their income will bear and mortgage their future. [...] In the end, it’s a choice. A choice and values that have been forgotten by far too many Americans. Attempting to 'fix' the 'problem' through political means will ultimately make things worse, as it always does. [...]"

- David, on How class warfare is hurting the real estate market


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