[Name], difficult buyer questions and the key to mid-tier home sales.  

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Week of May 30, 2016 


An agent’s guide to tough real estate questions
Know how to answer these tricky questions from clients.

Mid-tier home sales need the middle class
We explore the link between the shrinking middle class and mid-tier home sales.

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City-living is preferred in CA — if you have the money
A look at housing trends in the suburbs and city centers.

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How often does the fee split offered by the cooperating broker determine whether you show a property to your client?


CA’s most profitable areas for flippers
These communities provided the highest return in 2015.

The IPB package – agent prepared for buyer reliance
An analysis of the forms used to market income property.

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Cupertino building initiatives spark zoning feuds
Community members are fighting commercial zoning changes.

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Do affordable housing mortgage limits affect the amount owed to a lender in bankruptcy?
Get the ruling here.

Bay Area residents need $6 mil. to be “wealthy”
See how locals assess the area's wealth and housing market.

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Client Q&A: What do I need to know about lead-based paint?
Important info about the LBP disclosure for your clients.

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The rising trend in CA construction starts
Multi-family construction has slowed since last year.

Client Q&A: Am I liable if I default on my mortgage?
A flyer to answer client questions about mortgage defaults.

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Does the refusal to rezone land based on implicit discrimination violate the Fair Housing Act?
A U.S. Court of Appeals weighs in.

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