[Name], air pollution in the Central Valley and short-term rental rules.  

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Week of May 23, 2016 


Air quality in the San Joaquin Valley
Analyzing poor air quality causes and prevention in the San Joaquin Valley.

CalBRE reinforces licensing rules for short-term rentals
Important property management licensing rules.

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Restraints on real estate speculators in CA
A review of California laws controlling absentee owners.

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Are you aware of a lender calling a mortgage due this year when the buyer took title without assuming the mortgage?


Grow your brokerage business with regular office meetings
Integrate these topics into your periodic office meetings.

BARF for building: SF’s latest rezoning crusaders
A pro-building group in SF aims to increase urban construction.

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Mixed-use project proposed in SoMa
A new development may add housing and amenities to SF.

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Jobs move real estate
Job numbers rose in April 2016.

Sacramento invests in R Street Corridor
New construction will provide low-income housing.

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Client Q&A: What happens when I’m late on a mortgage payment?
Explain late payments to your clients.

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Client Q&A: What to expect when making an offer?
Give your clients some insight on making an offer.

Unemployment fluctuates
Unemployment has reached its lowest point since 2007.

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"We are definitely in a bubble. In South Orange County there are zero single family homes under $500k, even 1000 sq ft homes are offered at $600k, and buyers can’t qualify. [...] This market is nuts! It is a sellers’ market, and the lowest priced properties sell quickly. It is the over $2 million that is slow here. Condos at $450k plus HOA and taxes? Buyers cannot qualify, even with 20% down."

- P B, on People want to buy, but prices are shoving them out


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