[Name], safety standards for landlords and why homebuyers like TRID.  

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Week of May 16, 2016 


Safety standards for residential landlords
Understand landlord duties to ensure tenant safety.

Survey says: Buyers pleased with TRID
Why buyers approve of the new TRID disclosures.

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Legislative Gossip Update, May 2016
A bill for agent fee-sharing agreements, and more.

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Is a bubble forming in the rental property market?


Agents analyze today’s seller’s market
Real estate agents weigh in on the housing market.

Gaming the mortgage finance system by overvaluing credit scores?
A look at why lenders are increasing required credit scores.

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People want to buy, but prices are shoving them out
Buyers voice their concerns over rents and home prices.

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Ad Economic Trends in California Real Estate

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LA prices still on the rise — unpacking the numbers
Analyzing LA's home pricing trends.

California starter home crisis tops national charts
CA cities named the worst areas for first-time buyers.

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LA budget plan gives voters chance to reduce homelessness
New efforts to help LA's homeless involve voter approval.

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How the Fed regulates banks


Client Q&A: What are my vesting options for holding title?
Explain title vesting options to your clients.

Current market rates
FRM rates decreased during the past week.

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FARM: Turn that mess under your kitchen sink into prime storage space
Tips for organizing storage under your sink.

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Poll  Featured Comment

"The latest increase in seemingly unending price escalations is more fundamentally economic than speculative. Demand in certain areas (San Francisco Bay Area) where incomes have grown much faster than nationally and are still rising at rates faster than home prices or rents is the cause. The 'bubble' of 2007 and before was highly speculative and in many instances fraudulent (see the fabulous example of this in the film 'The Big Short.'). The stats on percentage of homeownership, the aging millennials who will be starting families (and buying homes), the last days of terrific tax incentives to buy and the historically low interest rates, despite tough bank lending requirements, will drive this demand for some time to come… in an entirely non- speculative manner."

- Dane Faber, J.D., on Poll: Is California real estate in the midst of a speculator-driven bubble?


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