[Name], the cost of homeownership, and zoning solutions from abroad.  

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Week of April 11, 2016 


CA homebuyers think twice about high homeownership costs
A detailed review of the costs associated with homeownership.

The fix for the UK’s housing shortage may solve California’s, too
UK zoning regulations provide solutions for our housing dilemma.

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Client Q&A: What happens if I cancel my listing?

Answer your client questions about cancelling a listing.

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Do you sense your buyer’s offer will more likely be accepted if it is accompanied by a personal letter from the buyer?


Legislative Gossip Update, April 2016
Recent amendments to pending real estate legislation.

Lend less; boost economic growth?
How reduced lending may ease economic burdens.

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Client Q&A: What happens during the foreclosure process?
Explain the foreclosure process to your clients.

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May a landlord evict a tenant for failure to obtain renter’s insurance?
Get the ruling here.

Higher mortgage rates equal fewer refinances
The number of residential mortgages refinanced dropped in Q4 2015.

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Client Q&A: What documentation do I need to qualify for a mortgage?
Fill your clients in on mortgage paperwork.

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Client Q&A: What is a preliminary title report?
A breakdown of the prelim for your clients.

Can a homeowner recover after a foreclosure due to unconscionable mortgage terms?
A court of appeals weighs in.

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FARM: I’m your neighbor — and an agent!
A flyer for marketing your services in your own neighborhood.

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Shiller discusses rising home prices


Mortgage loan originators in California on the rise
The number of California-licensed MLOs rose in Q4 2015.

FARM: Earth Day around the house
Tips for keeping your home green on Earth Day.

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Auto sales drive the market
Auto sales in California increased in March 2016 from the prior year.

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"Concerning construction lending; let’s not forget Basel III and its High Volatility Commercial Real Estate Act (HVCRE), which requires lenders to hold in their capital reserves 150% of the construction loan amount being funded. HVCRE was implemented last year (2015) for the “Big Banks” Worldwide. This year (2016) HVCRE will be implemented for the local and regional banks. Unless the borrowers are already preferred clients of the commercial banks who do CRE lending the borrowers will not be able to qualify for a construction loan.

This is why the private and hard money lenders are taking over this space, for they are not regulated by Dodd-Frank nor Basel III. Conclusion: Borrowers need to underwrite their developments with higher interest and points these lenders charge."

- Chip Bonghi, on California's urban pricing crisis driven by inventory


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