[Name], comparing presidential candidate tax plans, and California's inventory problem.

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Week of April 4, 2016


Presidential candidates’ tax proposals cast uneasy future for housing

See how each candidate's tax plan may affect housing.


California’s urban pricing crisis driven by inventory

A look at California's urban demand and low inventory.


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Where are prices right now in terms of the California real estate market cycle?

Monthly Statistical Update

Low vacancies point to future construction boom (April 2016)

A real estate market update for April 2016.

Letter to the Editor

Low down payment mortgage comparison

We answer your question about mortgage down payments.


The loudest neighborhoods in Sacramento

Map out the noisiest neighborhoods for your Sacramento clients.


Client Q&A: What is a grace period?

Use this flyer to answer client questions about grace periods.

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FARM: Choosing a mortgage provider: bank or broker?

Help your clients weigh their options for mortgage providers.

Market Trends

California tiered home pricing

Home prices continued to rise in January 2016.


FARM: May Newsletter

A printable newsletter for the month of May.


FARM: Holiday party tips

A helpful flyer to help your clients plan their next holiday celebration.

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How interest rates affect the market