[Name], oil's impact on real estate and industry lies.

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Week of March 28, 2016


Oil's influence on mortgage rates

The oil-interest rate connection, and a forecast.


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How often do you order out a criminal background report on your prospective tenants?


Combating lies in real estate transactions

Misrepresentations from the few give the industry a black eye.

Market Trends

Home prices climb...for now

Prices are slowly increasing, but the shadow of a mortgage interest rate increase looms.


Client Q&A: What's an equity purchase transaction?

Educating your clients on the basics of equity purchase transactions.

Legal Aspects

Do procedural defects in the assignment of a trust deed allow a foreclosed owner to challenge its assignment?

A California court of appeals weighs in.


FARM: All about free annual credit reports

A marketing flyer to inform your clients about their right to a free credit report.

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Mortgage default usually the last resort, new study claims

Most homeowners go through the wringer before finally making the decision to default.

Market Trends

Construction starts up

Demand drives starts up, with multi-fam starts likely to hit 20% growth by the end of 2016.


Client Q&A: Is a trust deed the same as a mortgage?

A flyer to help you explain the difference between a mortgage, a note and a trust deed.

Legal Aspects

Can a mortgage holder enforce a homeowner’s waiver of their anti-deficiency protections on a short sale?

Get the ruling here.

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Home flips signal another housing bubble — right?