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Week of March 21, 2016


Display your power base through personal achievements

Part 5 in our article series on an agent's power base focuses on your achievements.


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How many real estate auctions have you attended with a buyer in the last two years?

Legal Aspects

Legislative Gossip Update, March 2016

Proposed tax deductions for homeownership savings accounts, and more.

Market Trends

Low inventory in California signals more construction

Why housing inventory is low and what this means for the market.

Real Estate Tech

Tech Corner: Zillow’s Best-Time-To-List tool

A tool to help you determine the optimal time of the year to sell.


Spring 2016 CalBRE Real Estate Bulletin: Building a stronger industry

CalBRE's recent bulletin targets licensing requirements and more.

Market Trends

New ballot initiatives modify oversized developments

New zoning proposals are one answer to LA's high housing demand.

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Real Estate Tech

Tech Corner: Skupit allows homebuyers to make an offer — without an agent

See why this tool may benefit seller's agents, but not buyer's agents.

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

Job numbers dropped from the prior month in January 2016.


The singular “they” pronoun in real estate and beyond

A rising trend in language that may impact real estate writing.

Market Trends

Underwater homes decrease in California

The number of negative equity homes in California fell in Q4 2015.

Legal Aspects

Can a mortgage holder foreclose on a property while processing a request for loan modification?

Get the ruling here.

Market Trends

To buy in 2016? Homebuyer sentiment wavers

Homebuyers were less optimistic in Q1 2016.

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Fed will maintain target rate for now