[Name], an email marketing guide, and maximizing business with family ties.

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Week of March 14, 2016


Familial ties and your real estate power base

Learn how to use your family connections to expand your business.


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How often are your financed deals killed by low appraisals?


Your guide to creating mass-marketing emails

All you need to know about marketing through bulk emails.

Letters to the Editor

The California Bureau of Real Estate’s new Office Management continuing education requirement

We answer your question about the new continuing education course.

Market Trends

Still cheaper to buy than rent in California — for now

Renting expenses continue to surpass the costs of buying in California.


Solar woes loom for homeowners as tax credits sizzle away

Why solar leasing is losing its shine among homeowners.


Client Q&A: What are my selling costs going to be?

Fill your clients in on the costs of selling a property.

Market Trends

Sales volume: a powerful magnet for home prices

Home sales volume continued an upward trend in Q4 2015.

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Client Q&A: What’s the difference between an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) and a fixed rate mortgage (FRM)?

A comparison of ARMs and FRMs to share with clients.

Market Trends

California’s low residential vacancy rates signal more construction

Rental and homeowner vacancy rates remained low in 2015.


Client Q&A: What is title insurance?

Use this flyer to explain title insurance to your clients.

Market Trends

Bankruptcy’s tie to homeownership

Personal bankruptcy filings dropped in 2015.


Client Q&A: What is seller carryback financing and what are its benefits?

Answer your client inquiries about carryback financing.


FARM: Settle into your new home

A handy guide to simplifying the move-in process.

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What is a negative interest rate?