[Name], California's hottest markets, and falling foreclosure rates.

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Week of February 29, 2016


Redfin’s “hottest markets” of 2016

A list of the most desirable neighborhoods in California this year.


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When do you sense the next economic recession will take place?

Market Trends

Is California’s foreclosure problem finally behind us?

See what lower foreclosure rates mean for California's market.

Legal Aspects

May a local government prevent eviction due to a change in rental terms?

Get the ruling here.

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Legal Aspects

When does the amount owed on a judgment lien become fixed?

A California court of appeals weighs in.

Market Trends

California tiered home pricing

Home prices rose across California in December 2015.


Client Q&A: What are discount points?

Fill your clients in on discount points paid for a mortgage.

Market Trends

Newly licensed sales agent and broker population

The number of newly licensed sales agents increased in Q4 2015.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!


Client Q&A: What are contingency provisions? Do I need them?

A flier to help you answer client questions about contingency provisions.


FARM: A seller’s winter open house guide

Tips for attracting buyers to a winter open house.

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Are negative interest rates a possibility in a recession?