[Name], understanding CID laws and why smart homes quicken sales.

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Week of February 15, 2016


The Davis-Stirling Act and California homeownership

Examining the laws controlling common interest developments.

Market Trends

Smart home investment may expedite home sales

How smart home technology impacts the sale of a home.


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Legal Aspects

Legislative Gossip Update: February 2016

A new bill provides tax deductions for down payment accounts, and more.


15- versus 30-year FRM for building equity

Comparing 15- and 30-year fixed rate mortgages.

Legal Aspects

Does the Unruh Civil Rights Act apply to laws passed by the government?

A California court of appeals weighs in.

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Brokerage Reminder: Disclosing a conflict of interest – the counterpoint mitigating a bias

Find out how to handle a conflict of interest in your transactions.


Explaining California MLO licensing and endorsement

We answer your questions about MLO licensing.

Market Trends

Bad news for tomorrow’s homeownership rate

Tracking the decline of the homeownership rate by age.

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Client Q&A: What will my homebuyer costs be and how much cash will I need?

Fill your clients in on expected homebuyer costs.

Market Trends

Current market rates

FRM rates decreased during the past week.

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Bigger homes don’t mean better deals

Market Trends

Golden state population trends

California's population continued to grow in 2015.


FARM: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Share your favorite recipes for celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.


FARM: Market’s hot – but interest rates may be going up – sell now!

A flier to help you solicit listings in a seller's market.

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"The prices are at the top again and no one can afford to buy or rent. We are clearly at the top and the bubble is going to have to burst AGAIN. It’s a cycle – we were here with houses 5-6 years ago; everyone was in foreclosure and now those houses are selling for 40-60% of their value 5 years ago. It’s insane and can’t be sustained. People making 6 figure+ incomes can’t afford to buy or rent. Something has to give. Oh, and the stock market bubble has burst so it’s going down. Don’t buy now – wait – the rental market will have to give as well because no one can afford the outrageous rents."

- Michelle, on Homes sold in California held back by pricing, future rate increases