[Name], lowered mortgage standards and how student debt affects mortgage qualification.

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Week of February 8, 2016


Nonbank lenders originate minimum qualification mortgages a bit more frequently

Are lowered mortgage standards signaling a return to subprime lending?

Market Trends

The thing about student loans and homeownership no one is talking about

Why college debt may not be such a big obstacle for young homebuyers.


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Will income inequality lead to falling real estate prices?


Brokerage Reminder: The grant deed vs. quitclaim deed – deeds of conveyance

A closer look at conveying real estate interests.

Market Trends

Teachers flee San Francisco housing crisis

Another dire consequence of San Francisco's inflated housing market.

Legal Aspects

Are mortgage holders liable for failure to notify a borrower of their mortgage transfer that occurred prior to a notification requirement?

Get the ruling here.

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Market Trends

California tiered home pricing

Home price increases slowed in November 2015.

Form of the week

The Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit: a landlord’s remedy for a material breach

Analyzing the forms used to cure a tenant's material breach.

Market Trends

Homes sold in California held back by pricing, future rate increases

Home sales volume increased in December 2015.

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Client Q&A: What are encumbrances on title?

A handy flier to help answer client questions about encumbrances on title.

Marketing Trends

More California households are renting

Renter household formations are outpacing homeowner growth.


FARM: Quick tips to extend the life of your roof

Pointers for maintaining your roof.

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How to file your 2016 tax return


Client Q&A: How do I submit an offer to purchase a home?

Explain to your clients how an offer is submitted.


FARM: Five easy winter maintenance projects

Share these simple winter maintenance tips.

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"[...] The days of “people processing,” simply taking any licensee that is still breathing, are over. The business is far too technical and litigious for most licensees to actually perform to the professional level required in today's real estate environment.

The future of real estate looks like more business being consolidated into fewer and fewer agents and brokerages. The most successful sales organizations will involve teams and partnerships of highly competent agents. It’s no longer about sheer agent numbers."

- Roger Ewing, on California's 60 largest brokerages