[Name], California's largest brokerages and California's most competitive buyer's markets.

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Week of February 1, 2016


California’s 60 largest brokerages

A look at the Golden State's biggest employing brokerages.

Market Trends

Homebuyer competition highest in these California neighborhoods

Is your region among the most competitive for buyers? Check out the list here.


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What do buyers resist most in the homebuying process?


Short sales, explained

Everything you need to know about short sales.

Monthly Statistical Update

Bond market cycle impacts refinances, fixed mortgage rate

A market update for February 2016.


Using the CFPB’s “financial well-being” tool in home sales

A review of the CFPB's new tool for assessing a buyer's financial ability.


The importance of the homebuyer’s offer cover letter

A look at the offer cover letter used to personalize the homebuying process.

Legal Aspects

What type of notice is required to notify Section 8 tenants of a reduction in benefits?

Get the ruling here.

Market Trends

First-time homebuyers overestimate costs of homeownership

Find out what's behind buyer perceptions of homeownership costs.


Client Q&A: What happens when the buyer or seller breaches?

Answers to your client questions about buyer and seller breaches.

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Legal Aspects

May a homebuyer rescind their purchase for nondisclosure of a defect discovered prior to refinancing and improving the property?

A California court of appeals weighs in.

Market Trends

California regional update: Commercial real estate in Q4 2015

A snapshot of the current commercial markets throughout California.


FARM: Life expectancies of household appliances

Tips for extending the life of household appliances.

Market Trends

Mapping the jobs recovery

Find out where your county stands in the jobs recovery.


FARM: March Newsletter 2016

A printable newsletter flier for the month of March.

Market Trends

California price-per-square-foot analysis

Movement in the prices per square foot varied across California in 2015.


FARM: New agent in town

A flier to help introduce yourself to a new neighborhood.

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