[Name], filing CalBRE complaints and an increase in low credit scores.

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Week of January 11, 2016


Agent vs. Agent: Complaints between CalBRE licensees

The lowdown on reporting other agents' violations to the CalBRE.


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Do you plan to renew your real estate license again?


Low credit scores are a harbinger for future home purchases

See what declining FICO scores mean for the market.


A California real estate agent’s power base

Part I in our article series on how agents build a professional power base.

Market Trends

San Diego’s commercial real estate market on the rise

A snapshot of San Diego's growing commercial real estate market.


Brokerage Reminder: The buyer’s listing – the listed buyer benefits

Part II of our article series on the buyer's listing discusses the agency duties owed a buyer.

legal Aspects

Is a homeowner liable for an injury suffered by an employee of an uninsured contractor?

Get the ruling here.

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Form of the Week

Lease assignments – transfers of rights and obligations under a lease

Analysis of the form used to assign interest in an existing lease.

Market Trends

Homes sold in California held back by pricing, future rate increases

Home sales volume continued a recent downward trend in November 2015.


Client Q&A: Why do I need to do my own inspection? (buyer)

Answers to buyer questions about home inspection reports.


FARM: Residential Investment Properties

A printable letter to help you solicit listings for investment property.

Market Trends

Newly licensed sales agent and broker population

The number of newly licensed agents increased in Q3 2015.

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FARM: Meet our newest team member!

Use this letter to introduce a new agent to your clients.


Client Q&A: What safety standards for property improvements are required?

Keep your clients informed about safety standards for their home.

Market Trends

Sales agent license renewals on the uptick

Sales agent renewals were up in November 2015.


FARM: California homeowners: know your rights

A guide to California's Homeowner Bill of Rights to share with clients.

Market Trends

Underwater homes decrease in California

The number of negative equity homes in California dropped in Q3 2015.


FARM: 5 ways to add color to your kitchen

Tips for making a kitchen pop with some color.

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Most Millennials have less than $1,000 in savings