[Name], a 2016 market forecast and mortgage disclosure delays.

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Week of January 4, 2016


2015 in review and a forecast for California’s housing market in 2016

Our take on what's in store for the real estate market in 2016.


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What do you believe will most influence real estate sales in 2016?


New disclosures briefly delay closings

A look at the effects of the new TRID rules on home sale closings.

Monthly Statistical Update

January 2016: Demographics impact home sales, construction

A market review for January 2016.


FHA’s new condominium approval guidelines expand eligibility – and potential HOA mismanagement

New FHA provisions relax requirements for condominum projects.

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Client Q&A: What happens if my home listing expires?

Answers to client questions about their expired listing.


Electronic documents and signatures in real estate transactions

A breakdown of requirements for electronic documents.


FARM: Expert in your neighborhood

A letter to help introduce yourself to clients in your target neighborhood.

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Brokerage Reminder: The buyer’s listing – a prerequisite to representation

Part I in our buyer's listing series discusses how to protect your fee.


FARM: Maximize your investment

A flier to solicit business from absentee owners.

Form of the Week

Lease renewals and extension options – a mutual benefit for the landlord and tenant

Analysis of the forms used for an option to renew or extend a lease.


FARM: Expired listing? Let me help!

Help sellers revamp their expired listings.

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Market Trends

California tiered home pricing

Prices fluctuated throughout California in October 2015.


FARM: February 2016 Newsletter

A printable flier for the month of February.

Market Trends

The rising trend in California construction starts

Single and multi-family construction starts continue to rise.


FARM: Happy Valentine’s Day

Share your favorite Valentine treat recipes with your clients.

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Financial advice for Millennials