[Name], explaining property conveyances to investors, and the CFPB's response to kickbacks.

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Week of December 28, 2015


Is the FHA informed when a property is conveyed to an investor?

We answer your question about conveyance of a property to an investor.

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ATTENTION: Our office will be closing early at 12:00 PM PST on Thursday, December 31, 2015 and will be closed on Friday, January 1, 2016 for the holiday. Online course access and ordering will remain available.


CFPB crackdown: Marketing Services Agreements (MSAs) with brokers

How the CFPB is responding to kickbacks in real estate transactions.


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How do you think your real estate business will fare in 2016?


FARM: What duties does my seller’s agent owe me?

Keep your clients informed about the duties of a seller's agent.

Legal Aspects

Is a notice of abatement action recorded against a property a defect on title subject to title insurance coverage?

Get the ruling here.


FARM: What is the MLS?

All your clients need to know about the MLS.

Market Trends

FHFA Index shows California home price changes by region

Home prices across California are still rising steadily.


FARM: What is the Agency Law Disclosure?

A breakdown of the Agency Law Disclosure and how it works.

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FARM: What duties does my buyer’s agent owe me?

A guide to duties owed by a buyer's agent.

Market Trends

Sales volume: a powerful magnet for home prices

Home sales volume rose in Q3 2015 from the prior year.


FARM: What is the purpose of the TDS and who fills it out?

Help your clients understand use of the TDS.

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

California employment numbers rose in November 2015.


FARM: Marketing package

Marketing packages 101 for your clients.

Market Trends

Mortgage loan originators in California on the rise

The number of MLOs in California rose in Q3 2015 from the prior year.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!


FARM: How do I use a pest control report?

Give your clients a breakdown of the SPC report.


FARM: Your listing expired!

A flier to help you solicit expired listings.


FARM: Tax breaks for first-time homeowners

A rundown of tax benefits for first-time homeowners.


FARM: Need to sell a property in probate?

Assist seller clients in probate sales.

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Winners and losers in the Fed’s interest rate increase