[Name], regional forecast updates and the gender wage gap.

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Week of December 14, 2015


Brokerage Reminder: Year-end tasks for a prosperous 2016

A guide to closing the year and preparing for business in 2016.


The gender pay gap exists in real estate

Understanding the gender wage gap in the real estate industry.


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In your experience, do female, full-time real estate professionals earn less than their male counterparts?


CalVet falls short

Why the CalVet mortgage program doesn't live up to expectations.

Form of the Week

Good faith estimates – an agent’s affirmative disclosure of costs and funds

An analysis of the forms used to document client transaction costs.

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From mortgage burning to housewarming: A history

We trace the evolution of mortgages and homeownership.

Real Estate Tech

How to use LinkedIn, for real estate agents

Learn how to use LinkedIn to find a new job, vet employees and network.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!

Market Trends

The mean price trendline: the home price anchor

Home prices continued to rise in Q3 2015.


FARM: Organize your closets

Help your clients maximize their closet space.

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Janet Yellen: “Monetary policy will remain accommodative”

Market Trends

Regional forecasts update

Recent market updates for California's largest regions.


FARM: January newsletter

A printable flier for the month of January.

Market Trends

The 20% solution: personal savings rates and homeownership

Personal savings remained low in Q3 2015.

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"[...] Markets go up and markets go down. Astute investors and sales people make money in both. [...] It’s not a question of if a market correction is going to happen, but when it’s going to happen. Sure, maybe first tuesday is more bearish than most, but so what. The party can’t last forever and that’s okay. Over the past 40 years, most corrections have occurred around presidential election cycles – either at the end of an administration or at the beginning of a new one. I’m going to predict a recession to hit in 2016-2017. And when this happens, there will be plenty of opportunities to make money."

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