[Name], a guide to becoming a broker and a healthcare tax review.

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Week of November 30, 2015


Become a CalBRE broker in 5 steps

Learn how to advance your career with this easy broker licensing guide.


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When you upgraded to a broker license, did your employing broker increase your fee split?


Brokers: Managing CalBRE license renewals

A guide to license renewals for brokers and their agents.


Office landlords adapt to the tastes of Millennials

See how the Millennial workfoce is changing office spaces.

Legal Aspects

Homeowners’ associations may issue fines for failure to use recycled water for landscape irrigation

Clarification of rules for HOA fines related to landscape irrigation.


Management styles: how brokers run an office

A simple primer on management styles used to operate a brokerage office.

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Looking back on the healthcare tax and its impacts today

An evaluation of how the healthcare tax has impacted California's market.

Market Trends

The rise and fall of real estate brokers and agents

The sales agent population continued to increase in October 2015.

Legal Aspects

Clothesline use may not be barred or unreasonably restricted

New restrictions prevent the prohibition of clotheslines by landlords and HOAs.

Form of the Week

The exclusive right-to-buy listing agreements – the buyer employs a broker

An analysis of the buyer's listing agreement.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

Jobs numbers continued their steady increase in October 2015.

Legal Aspects

May a HUD rental agreement require a landlord to provide a breaching tenant with a 30-day notice to quit when the state requires only a three-day notice?

Get the ruling here.


FARM: Selling your home with an agent vs. on your own

Share the benefits of hiring a sales agent with this flier.

Market Trends

Golden state population trends

California's population continued to grow in 2014.

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Digitizing mortgages creates benefits for all