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Week of November 16, 2015


CFPB releases mortgage shopping tools for your buyers

If you haven’t checked out the website of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) lately, you and your clients are missing out on some seriously helpful — and free — information. Read more


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How often do your real estate clients inquire about earthquake safety or insurance before buying?

Form of the Week

The short sale purchase agreement – boilerplate agreement or as an addendum

Brush up on how to properly structure a short sale purchase.

Legal Aspects

Legislative Gossip: November 2015

More prohibited covenants, conditions and restrictions provisions and updated sick leave requirements for employers.

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Market Trends

The auto sales/home sales connection

See what's preventing home sales from keeping pace with the uptick predicted by auto sales.


Financial education: crucial at all ages

Learn how California's next generation of homebuyers fared on financial literacy tests.

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Brokerage Reminder: All about real estate signs – purchasing, design and placement

Get up to speed on your real estate sign basics.

Property Management

Does a local rent control ordinance constitute a regulatory or private taking by the government?

A California appeals court weighs in.

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Market Trends

Real estate disaster scenario part III: Earthquakes

How do earthquakes and fault lines affect your real estate practice?


MyHome mortgage assistance for first-time homebuyers

Is California's new MyHome mortgage program enough to push first-time hombuyers into action?


Owners may prove uncontrollable circumstances to receive penalty abatement

A clarification of how a real estate owner may receive a penalty abatement for failure to report a change in ownership.


FARM: 6 tips to avoid common homebuyer mistakes

Help your clients find a home and close quickly with this new marketing flyer.

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CFPB explains closing disclosures for your clients