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Week of October 12, 2015


How to train new sales agents, for brokers

One of the goals of a successful real estate brokerage is to increase earnings by continually recruiting new talent. Once new sales agents are brought on board, what is the broker’s next step? Find the training style that works for your business model by reviewing these tips. Read more

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first tuesday's Office Management and Supervision (OMS) course is now available online! The new 3-hour OMS requirement is included automatically in all 45-hour continuing education enrollments for both brokers and sales agents.

If you are already enrolled, the online material has been added to your Student Homepage. The printed copy of the book will be shipped at the end of October for FREE.


What it takes to be a broker

A review of the tasks, obligations and liabilities undertaken by a broker.


Does a college degree help buy a home faster?

A college degree may help homeowners save for a down payment faster.

Legal Aspects

Legislative Gossip: October 2015

The new revocable transfer on death deed and other legislative updates.


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Would you report a fellow agent to CalBRE for a disciplinary action?


Zillow/Trulia merge is a lesson for agents about maintaining online presence

Lost Trulia reviews are a reminder to maximize use of online tools.


The property sold report – documenting the sale

An analysis of the report used to document a closed sales transaction.

Legal Aspects

Drought-friendly landscaping permitted for individual common interest development unit owners

Updated drought-friendly landscaping rules for CID owners.

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Need a last-minute study session for your upcoming state exam? Sign up for a live crash course! Our one-day Saturday crash courses are located in multiple cities throughout California. Call 951.781.7300 or enroll online.


Few all-cash homebuyers remain in California

What California's dwindling number of cash buyers means for the market.

Legal Aspects

Statement of government-certified condominium status required in CID annual budget reports

New requirements for CID annual budget reports.

Market Trends

Sales agent license renewals on the uptick

Sales agent renewal rates climbed in June 2015.

Legal Aspects

May a landlord seek the same money losses from a second defaulting co-tenant after being awarded money losses from the first co-tenant?

The California Supreme Court weighs in.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!

Market Trends

Newly licensed sales agent and broker population

The number of newly-licensed brokers and sales agents rose in Q2 2015.


FARM: Your listing expired – there’s no excuse!

A flier to solicit sellers of expired listings.

Legal Aspects

Are unmarried co-owners of a qualified residence subject to the same MID limits as married co-owners?

Get the ruling here.


FARM: Downsize the easy way

Help your empty nester clients make downsizing easy with these tips.

Poll  Featured Comment

"This article is quite accurate. As an attorney-broker who has been active in these cases for many years, the misconduct by lenders and servicers has been outrageous. Fortunately, in California, as of 2013 we have the Homeowner Bill of Rights, which provides strong and effective protection for borrowers, including requiring servicers to pay attorney fees for prevailing borrowers in many cases. Nevertheless, the deliberate sabotage of the modification process continues, as the servicers know that 90-95% of borrowers will not fight."

- William Matz, on HAMP and consumers continue to flail, banks continue to profit