[Name], 10 license renewal tips and why HAMP is failing homeowners.

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Week of October 5, 2015


Top 10 things to know about renewing your CalBRE real estate license

California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) sales agents and brokers are required to renew their licenses every four years. Here are the top ten questions we get asked about license renewal, with tips for making your renewal speedy and efficient. Read more

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ATTENTION: CalBRE brokers and agents with licenses expiring after December 31st, 2015 now need to take 3 hours of Office Management and Supervision (OMS) as part of the 45-hour continuing education (CE) required to renew.

first tuesday's OMS course is the first to be approved by the CalBRE and is automatically included with every enrollment. If you are already enrolled, the OMS online materials will be available on your student homepage beginning October 12, 2015. A separate printed copy will be mailed to you at the end of October for FREE!

Any questions? Please contact our customer service representatives at 951.781.7300, Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM PST.


HAMP and consumers continue to flail, banks continue to profit

A lack of lender compliance with HAMP rules prevents homeowner relief.


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Are you aware of any transactions in which a lender calls a mortgage due when the buyer takes over without a formal assumption?


Agent poaching is good for business

See why prohibiting recruitment of another broker's agents is a bad deal.

Monthly Statistical Update

Jobs drive homeownership, first-time buyers stall (October 2015)

An upswing in California home sales is following steady job growth.

Legal Aspects

New legislation may make changes to CalBRE

What we know so far about this California bill.

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Brokerage Reminder: The agent of the agent – reasonable supervision required

A review of a broker's responsibility to supervise their agents.


Shifting priorities in federal housing policy

Why amendments to national housing policy may benefit more homeowners.

Legal Aspects

Sick leave accrual requirements

Updated regulations for employer sick leave requirements.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!


FARM: Prices are holding steady – now’s the time to sell!

A flier to help you solicit sellers in a steady market.

Market Trends

The rising trend in California construction starts

Single and multi-family construction starts rose over the last six months.


FARM: Stay safe this holiday season

Holiday safety tips to share with your clients.

Poll  Featured Comment

"The fact is that there are too many agents, and most of them spend the majority of their time looking for work, not working. If listing commissions decrease, let's say to 1% of sales price, and there are 1/3 as many agents servicing them, the whole thing becomes more positive. Too many agents looking for work, shaking hands, passing out cards, on bended knees asking for work. That’s not working. How about the days when we did 5-10 transactions per month and had no time to “network,” only time to actually follow up on our transactions and start new ones? That’s what the new model needs to be."

- Mirko Lopez, on Underemployed real estate agents look ahead to better times


FARM: 3 DIY Halloween decorations

Bring out your clients' crafty side with these DIY Halloween decorations.


FARM: Merry Christmas

A printable template for sharing the best Christmas recipes.

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Project Sunroof: Solar panel installation estimate program for homeowners