[Name], tracking agent transactions and identity theft prevention for mortgages.

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Week of September 21, 2015


Tracking transactions handled by a broker’s agents

Real estate brokers have a big job, and their reputations are on the line every time one of their sales agents conducts business on their behalf. Here are some tips for keeping track of the activities of your sales agents. Read more


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How often does your broker require transaction updates from their agents?


Identity theft prevention for MLOs and MLBs

A breakdown of the federal Red Flags Rule for mortgage originations.


FARM: Is an FHA mortgage for you?

Assist your clients in choosing the right mortgage for their needs.


Brokerage Reminder: Workers’ comp insurance coverage for the broker’s agents

A refresher on workers' compensation requirements for brokers.


FARM: Absentee buyers

Use this letter to solicit sales for your investor clients.

Ad Forms

Want to close the deal without trawling through all the jargon? Use RPI Forms! Engineered simple, our collection of 400+ forms provides the maximum protection for you and your clients. For full access to the RPI Forms collection, visit our journal.


Quiz: How financially literate are you?

Test your knowledge to see if you're on top of your financial game.


FARM: Follow these tips for an easy, breezy summer move!

A flier for your clients moving out during the summer.

Market Trends

Mortgage loan originators in California on the rise

State-licensed MLOs in California rose in Q2 2015.


FARM: Tips for filing taxes

Help your clients make filing their taxes a smooth and easy process.

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Discuss your opinions and ask questions about all things related to California real estate. Join the conversation with other agents on our online forum here!


FARM: Sinking under your mortgage?

A FARM letter geared towards distressed homeowners.

Market Trends

Using the yield spread to forecast recessions and recoveries

The yield spread dropped in August 2015.


FARM: November Newsletter 2015

A printable newsletter for the month of November.


FARM: Road trip tips

A guide to prepping for a fun family road trip.

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Smart glass: New window technology for energy savings