[Name], why clients choose the first home or offer, and agent underemployment.

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Week of September 7, 2015


First is best: The primacy effect on real estate practice

Agents have been claiming “the first offer is the best offer” for years, but are they full of hot air? A natural inclination toward firsts may affect real estate transactions when buyers make and sellers receive their first offer. Agents need to discern when the primacy effect applies and advise their clients accordingly. Read more


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Market Trends

Underemployed real estate agents look ahead to better times

A look at sales agent employment and income disparities.


The office management agreement – delegating supervision

An analysis of the form used to employ office managers.

Legal Aspects

May a landlord increase the rent on a rent-controlled apartment when an adult child remains in possession after their parents move out?

Get the ruling here.


FARM: Tax tips for homeowners

Share these homeowner tax deductions with your clients.

Market Trends

The source of home price movement: buyer purchasing power

The buyer purchasing power index (BPPI) remained positive in Q2 2015.

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FARM: Preparing for your vacation

Help your clients prep for a vacation with this handy checklist.

Market Trends

MIP, PMI, or neither?

MIP and PMI rates remained about the same in Q2 2015.


FARM: Sun protection 101

Give your clients some helpful tips for staying safe in the sun.

Market Trends

The rising trend in California construction starts

Single and multi-family construction starts rose over the past six months.


FARM: California camping

A simple guide to safe and fun camping.

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