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Week of August 10, 2015


Brokerage Reminder: Trust fund(amentals)

Funds belonging to others which a broker and their agents handle when acting as agents in a transaction are known as trust funds.Trusts funds are held by brokers for safekeeping and may not be treated casually. Recordkeeping and accounting requirements are imposed on brokers when they receive, transfer or disburse trust funds. Read more.


Immigrants impact California’s real estate profession

A look at how immigration reform may affect California's real estate market.


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What kind of impact will immigration reform have on the California housing market?


California’s high rents keep renters from saving

Renters' savings are taking a hit as California rents continue to increase.


California regional update: Commercial real estate

Regional updates on California's commercial real estate market.

Legal Aspects

May a city require developers to set aside a portion of their land without paying compensation in advance of a public works project?

Get the ruling here.

Market Trends

Home sales volume and price peaks

Home sales volume jumped in June 2015.

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California’s high risk for owner-occupancy mortgage fraud

See what California's high risk for mortgage fraud says about the market.

Market Trends

On the highway to a real estate recovery

Auto sales remained level in July 2015.


FARM: Colorize the doors in your home

Help your clients add some color to their home's interior.

Market Trends

S&P 500: Stock pricing vs. earnings (P/E ratio)

Stock price growth slowed but remained high in Q2 2015.


FARM: Seller tips for evaluating multiple offers

Pointers to help your clients handle multiple offers.

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The Fed’s survey emphasizes potential homeowners’ inability to save