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Week of August 3, 2015


Escrowing a note and trust deed assignment

Buying a trust deed note, such as a carryback mortgage, can be a reliable and profitable investment for trust deed investors. When an investor purchases a trust deed note, their broker prepares a note and trust deed purchase agreement. Part II of our article series on trust deed notes discusses the proper procedure for escrowing the assignment of a note. Read more


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What aspect of a neighborhood is most important to buyers shopping for a new home?


Tech corner: How to get online reviews from real estate clients

A simple guide to using online reviews to boost your business.

Form of the Week

The Residential Lease Agreement – setting the terms of a fixed-term tenancy

An analysis of the form used for fixed-term residential leases.


Tech corner: Housefax lets buyers know what it’s really like to live in a house

We review an online real estate reporting service for homebuyers.

Monthly Statistical Update

Purchasing power drives home prices (August 2015)

Current trends in mortgage rates, buyer purchasing power and home prices.


The FHA and deficiency judgments in California

We answer your question about the FHA's pursuit of deficiency judgments.

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Legal Aspects

Does a surviving spouse’s life estate confer ownership when they obtain a mortgage on the property?

A California court of appeals weighs in.

Market Trends

The rising trend in California construction starts

Single and multi-family construction starts rose over the past six months.

Legal Aspects

May a buyer rescind a purchase agreement after occupying and commencing renovations on a home upon discovering seller misrepresentation?

Get the ruling here.

Market Trends

REIT investment: playing the real estate game from the sidelines

REIT values continued to fall in Q2 2015 from their high point in January.


FARM: I’m a new agent in your area!

A handy flier to help you introduce yourself to your new client base.

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Interview with the luxury brokers of “Million Dollar Listing: San Francisco”