[Name], VA vs. FHA mortgages and boomerang buyers' return to the market.

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Week of March 27, 2015


The most mortgage for your money: VA, FHA or conventional?

First-time homebuyers have many mortgage options, especially if they are current or former active duty members of the armed services. What’s the best way for a mortgage loan originator (MLO) to compare the various features of U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) mortgages with other mortgage options? Part II in our series on mortgage programs for veterans compares VA-guaranteed mortgages with Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured mortgages and conventional mortgages. Read more


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Is the name recognition of a franchise an important factor when choosing a brokerage company to work for?


TransUnion study wildly optimistic about boomerang buyers’ return to homeownership

A closer look at the claim "boomerang buyers" are returning to the market.

Form of the Week

Demand for broker’s fee earned under the safety clause

An analysis of the written demand to pay a broker fee.


The interest rate reduction refinance loan (IRRRL) for VA mortgages

Part III in our article series on veteran mortgage programs examines the IRRRL.

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

Job numbers continued an upward trend in June 2015.

Legal Aspects

May an HOA impose fees and enact new rules specific to absentee owners who rent out their properties to short-term renters?

Get the ruling here.

Market Trends

Boomers retire, and California trembles

The population of Californians aged 65+ grew in 2014.

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FARM: I’m back in business

A flier to help you reconnect with past clients when you return to the market.

Market Trends

Today’s consumer price index change: tomorrow’s residential rents

The CPI for Los Angeles rose slightly from May 2014 to May 2015.


FARM: Home shopping wish list

A check list to help your clients identify home features they want.

Market Trends

Wage increases slow to a trickle, home prices rush on

Home prices rose in April 2015 while income increases have slowed.


FARM: September Newsletter 2015

A printable newsletter for the month of September.

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Are we approaching another housing bubble?