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Week of July 20, 2015


Brokerage reminder: Managing liability exposure – components of a risk reduction program

Real estate brokerage business compels brokers and agents to interact with one another and members of the public as fluidly as possible. However, the services brokers provide involve activities which may cause another person a loss, a risk inherent in activities conducted under agency relationships. All activity undertaken by a broker and their agents exposes the broker to the risk of a liability. To mitigate the risk of loss, brokers need to maintain a risk reduction program to keep claims from clients and others under control. Read more


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Readers unsure when the Federal Reserve will raise short-term rates

Our readers were evenly split on when the Fed will take action. Take another guess for a chance to win a $30 Starbucks gift card!


Owners’ overestimation of home value recalls sticky pricing phenomenon

The gap between appraisals and homeowner estimates continues to widen.

Market Trends

Newly licensed sales agent and broker population

The number of newly licensed agents continued to surpass newly licensed broker numbers in Q1 2015.


Buyer beware: Hidden costs of homeownership add up

A look at the extra costs of homeownership in California.

Form of the Week

Universal agency disclosure – the rules of professional relationships

An analysis of the Agency Law Dislcosure form.

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Market Trends

New sales agent licenses on the uptick

Sales agent licensing and renewal rates rose in May 2015 from the prior year.


San Francisco moratorium threatens urban density development

See why the proposed development prohibition hurts the housing market.

Legal Aspects

Is an owner entitled to money losses when a mortgage holder forecloses while a mortgage modification application is pending?

Get the ruling here.

Market Trends

Buyer purchasing power stays positive while mortgage rates remain low

The BPPI figure dropped in June 2015 but is still positive.


FARM: Turf rebate programs

Tips to help your clients take advantage of turf rebate programs.

Market Trends

Mortgage loan originators in California on the rise

State-licensed MLOs in California increased in Q1 2015 from the prior year.