[Name], CA wages vs. rental rates and making your business military-friendly.

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Week of June 29, 2015


California’s average-wage renters struggle to become homeowners

Renters fly below the radar of most real estate agents, eluding notice until they express interest in becoming homebuyers. So you may be wondering: “Why should I care about renters’ wages?” California has the third-highest rental housing wage in the nation (right after Hawaii and District of Columbia), at $26.65. This means an hourly worker needs to make $26.65 per hour to qualify for an average two-bedroom apartment at 30% of their monthly income. Read more


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Become a military-friendly real estate agent!

Learn how to tap into a new client base of military homebuyers.

Form of the Week

first tuesday’s Purchase Agreement: providing maximum risk reduction protection

A breakdown of the purchase agreement for residential property.

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

Job numbers in California rose by 91,000 in the single month of May 2015.


The problem with the arbitration provision

We answer your questions about the arbitration provision.

Market trends

Unemployment on the decline

CA’s unemployment rate rose slightly in May 2015 but still remains low.

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Real Estate Tech

Tech Corner: Commercial listing service RealMassive

A look at an online commercial real estate listing service.

Market Trends

Underwater homes decrease in California

The number of negative equity homes in California declined in Q1 2015.


FARM: Inexpensive backyard upgrades

Help your clients spruce up their outdoor living spaces.

Market Trends

MIP, PMI, or neither?

Updates on current MIP and PMI rates for mortgages.


FARM: Quick and Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Tips to help your clients improve curb appeal.