[Name], California's fastest-moving markets and the latest employment numbers.

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Week of April 27, 2015


Going, going, gone: California’s fastest-moving markets

A look at local markets where more homes sell within 60 days of listing.

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

Job numbers continued to climb in March 2015.


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Market Trends

Unemployment on the decline

California's unemployment rate has dropped to a recent low.

Practice & TAx

Providing tax advice to clients

We respond to your question about disclosing tax aspects of a sale.

Market Trends

The rising trend in California construction starts

Multi-family construction starts rose over the last six months.

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Legal Aspects

Is a tenant’s child considered an original occupant protected by local rent control when they were not a party to the original rental agreement?

Get the ruling here.

Marketing Trends

Wage increases slow to a trickle, home prices rush on

Home prices are up but wages continue to lag behind.


FARM: Homeowner’s insurance

A flyer that breaks down homeowner's insurance coverage for your clients.

Market Trends

REIT investment: playing the real estate game from the sidelines

REIT values reached an unprecendented high in Q1 2015.


FARM: Repairs to consider before selling your home

A list of quick repairs your clients can make to prep their home for a sale.

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San Francisco commercial real estate hits new heights