[Name], the consumer mortgage call report and California's distressed sales.

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Week of April 20, 2015


The consumer mortgage call report

Part 4 in our article series on mandatory mortgage activity disclosures.

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California distressed sales, foreclosure inventory fall sharply

California leads the nation in the reduction of distressed sales.

Market Trends

Today’s consumer price index change: tomorrow’s residential rents

The CPI for Los Angeles is still behind the rest of the state.


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Do government subsidies, tax breaks and other policies focus too much on homeownership?


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Submit your questions for the CalBRE and we'll ask them for you.

Legal Aspects

Does a buyer’s release and waiver in exchange for cash settlement protect a builder from claims for latent defects?

A California appeals court weighs in.


The global economy’s effect on local real estate

A look at how global conditions impact California real estate.


CFPB releases new toolkit for mortgage shopping

The CFPB's new mortage toolkit helps buyers through mortgage financing.

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FARM: 10 tips for spring cleaning

Help your clients tidy up this season with some simple cleaning tips.

Legal Aspects

Legislative Gossip 2015

An updated list of pending real estate legislation.

Market Trends

Using the yield spread to forecast recessions and recoveries

The yield spread rose slightly in March 2015 but remains relatively low.


FARM: Before you sell your home

Give your clients pointers for preparing to sell their homes.

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Invisible solar cells to power skyscrapers