[Name], home pricing in 2015 and tax reminders for homeowners.

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Week of April 13, 2015


Home pricing in 2015: more of the same?

Our take on where home prices are headed in 2015.

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Last-minute tax reminders for homeowners

A breakdown of important deductions and tax issues for homeowners.


A primer on the California Bureau of Real Estate

All you need to know about the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE).


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What will home price movement look like in 2015?


When does buying make more sense than renting?

A quick look at the costs of owning vs. renting in California.

Legal Aspects

Does a break in the chain of title remove charter restrictions from city-owned land?

Get the ruling here.


Rethinking a lopsided homeownership policy

We evaluate the current national housing policy's focus on homeownership.

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FARM: 5 things to ask at an open house

Help your clients ask the right questions at an open house.

Market Trends

Gold standard: not the answer for long-term home price stability

The price of gold continued its steady decline in March 2015.


FARM: June Newsletter

A print-ready newsletter template for the month of June.

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The missing piece in the labor market recovery