[Name], L.A.'s rising cost of living and commercial energy benchmarking 101.

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Week of March 30, 2015


L.A. families fall behind rising cost of living

Families in L.A. are struggling to maintain an adequate standard of living.

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Infographic: Commercial Energy Benchmarking 101

A simple guide to the commercial energy benchmarking and disclosure process.

Market Trends

Jobs move real estate

Job numbers rose in February 2015.

Monthly Statistical Update

Single family starts trail jobs and home equity

California job growth is accelerating as single family starts stagnate.


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Readers expect a coming recession, of sorts

What you had to say about the next recession.

Market Trends

Buyer purchasing power stays positive while mortgage rates remain low

The March 2015 BPPI figure remained level with the prior month's figure.


FARM: The best renovations for your money

Tips to help your clients renovate smart for the highest return.

Market Trends

Reeling from California's lack of jobs

California’s unemployment rate dropped in February 2015.

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Market Trends

Current market rates

Average fixed rate mortgage (FRM) rates decreased this past week.


FARM: Improve your home with your tax refund

Help your clients use their tax refund for simple home upgrades.

Market Trends

The rising trend in California construction starts

Multi-family construction starts continued to rise over the last six months.

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"In order to balance the situation and solve the shortage of housing, only option is to build more. There is no other magic to solve the problem. Liberalize the zoning rules and allow to build more housing units without compromising health and safety issues."

- Babby Kurian, on California's residential rents top the charts