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Week of March 9, 2015


Property disclosures, explained

We answer your questions about property condition disclosures.

Market trends

Low FRM rates holds ARMs at bay

The number of adjustable rate mortgages (ARMs) is declining as fixed rate mortgage (FRM) rates fall.


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Is it unethical for a broker to knowingly recruit agents currently employed by another brokerage?

Market Trends

The rise and fall of real estate brokers and agents

The number of active agents and brokers dropped in February 2015.


Decreased income mobility casts a shadow on home sales

Stagnant incomes and rising home prices threaten the housing market.

Market Trends

Current market rates

FRM rates decreased during the last week.

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Market Trends

Bankruptcy's tie to homeownership

Personal bankruptcies remained relatively flat in 2014.


The people want bigger homes—will they get what they want?

Homeowners desire larger homes but other factors may take priority.

Market Trends

The rising trend in construction starts

Multi-family construction starts continued to rise in the second half of 2014, while SFR starts fell behind.

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Millennials moving out of their parents' homes