[Name], an increase in buyer-occupants and home pricing updates.

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Week of March 2, 2015

Monthly statistical update

Shrinking home sales volume creates opportunities for end users

Buyer-occupants account for a larger share of CA homebuyers as home sales volume decreases.

Market trends

California tiered home pricing

Home prices varied across California during December 2014.


Conditions affecting the value of a trust deed note and the secured property

Part 2 in our series on due diligence requirements for trust deed investments.

Market Trends

California price-per-square-foot analysis

Prices increased in some California communities in 2014.

Real Estate Tech

Tech Corner: Free marketing design platform, Canva

An affordable design service for all your marketing needs.

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Market Trends

The interplay between home sales volume, GDP and employment

The latest data shows California GDP rose in 2013.


Weird closing incentives — innovation or distraction?

A quick look at closing incentives used to seal the deal.

Market Trends

Absentee and cash homebuyers in decline

Absentee and cash homebuyers both dropped in January 2015.


Mortgage loan originator licensing transitions

Part 2 in our series on mortgage loan originator (MLO) licensing.

Legal Aspects

Is a homeowner’s right to rescind a TILA mortgage affected when adequacy of the lender’s disclosures are in dispute?

A California court of appeals weighs in.


FARM: Save money on cooling costs

Help your clients stay cool and save money with these useful tips.

Poll  Video

CalBRE: Obtaining a broker license