[Name], tax deductible business expense FAQs and mortgage activity reports.

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Week of February 23, 2015


Tax deductible real estate business expenses, explained

We answer your questions about tax deductible business expenses for brokers and agents.


The CalBRE mortgage business activity report

Part 2 in our series on mortgage activity disclosures.


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Market Trends

2015 home sales volume off to a flat start

January home sales volume dropped below average this year.


Is homeownership racially biased?

A look at racial disparities in California's homeownership rates.

Legal Aspects

CalBRE may issue citation for unlawful advertisements

New regulations target real estate advertisements by unlicensed individuals.


Commercial energy benchmarking, explained

FAQs about energy benchmarking requirements for commercial properties.

Market trends

Nobody's home: California residential vacancy rates

Rental and homeowner vacancies remained low in 2014.

Legal Aspects

CalBRE meeting notices

Updates to CalBRE requirements for public meeting notice requests.


No A/C? I'm a big fan

A handy flyer about whole house fans for your clients.

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Due diligence investigations into a trust deed note

Part 1 of our series on due diligence requirements for mortgage loan brokers.

Market trends

Rentals: the future of California real estate?

Rental rates may rise as the homeownership rate follows a downward trend.

Legal Aspects

CID manager regulations extended

CID manager controls to stay in place until 2019.


10 tips for a successful yard sale

Help your clients sell their clutter with these yard sale pointers.

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