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Week of February 16, 2015


Real estate syndication, explained

We answer all your questions about forming real estate syndicates.


S&P settles claims of improper mortgage credit ratings

The credit rating agency has agreed to pay costly settlement awards.


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How do you monitor property price changes in your area?

Real estate tech

Tech corner: Free agent profiles on Zillow/Trulia

Boost your online presence with a free online agent profile.


Filing notices with the CalBRE on consumer mortgage activity

Part 1 in our series on mortgage activity disclosures.


Even today's wealthier homebuyers can't keep up with high home prices

Rising home prices are pushing homebuyers out of the market despite higher incomes.

Market trends

S&P 500: Stock pricing vs. earnings

Stock price growth remained unsustainably high in Q4 2014.

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Technology of the future


Soaring rents push renters into homeownership - we wish

Rent is climbing with demand but homeownership may not be the answer.

Legal Aspects

Is a taxpayer required to seek an assessment reduction before claiming a tax refund for property they do not own?

Get the ruling here.


It's official: high LTV ratio increases foreclosure risk

Low downpayments and high LTVs are driving up foreclosure rates.

Poll  Forms update

ATTENTION: Effective January 1, 2015, all California County Recorder’s Offices require a Notary Consumer Disclosure at the top of the notary acknowledgement. The disclosure states the notary public verifies only the identity of the individual who signed the document, not the truthfulness, accuracy or validity of the document.

All first tuesday forms containing a boilerplate notary acknowledgement will be updated and posted to the journal by March 16, 2015. Until then, use the separate first tuesday Form 407, Acknowledgment By Notary PublicNotary Consumer Disclosure, available online here, and attach it to any document requiring notarization.


Upcoming Energy Star® Portfolio Manager web training sessions

Attend a webinar to learn how to use Portfolio Manager for commercial energy benchmarking.


FARM: 4 critical credit tips

Give your clients some tips to help them maintain a high credit score.

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FARM: April newsletter

A printable newsletter template for the month of April.