[Name], the 20% downpayment, a jobs update and Gen Y.

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Week of February 2, 2015

Monthly statistical update

Home prices limit formation of new owner households

Gen Y faces some headwinds in their quest for homeownership.

Market trends

California tiered home pricing

Price growth recently peaked across much of the state, but is expected to fall in the coming months.


Vote on it

In commercial transactions, what has your experience been with tenants and utilities in gathering AB 1103 energy disclosure data?


The votes are in: 20% down payments still a rare feat

The 20% down payment is still elusive.

Market trends

California regional forecasts

See updated regional trends for Santa Clara, Orange, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Riverside counties.


How FICO credit scores work


The Mortgage Shopping Worksheet

Assist your homebuyer to close with the most competitive lender.

Market trends

Mapping the jobs recovery

Much of the state remains in a drawn-out jobs recovery.

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Your practice

Accessibility features in the MLS may be coming soon

A proposal to improve accessible house-hunting.

Legal Aspects

February 2015 Supreme Court Watch

Real estate related issues pending before the United States and California Supreme Courts.


New March FARMing Newsletter

A new neighborhood newsletter template for your FARMing needs.