[Name], energy benchmarking disclosures and MLO licensing requirements.
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Energy benchmarking: disclosing commercial property energy use

Part 1 of our series on energy benchmarking requirements for commercial properties.

California SAFE Act mortgage loan originator (MLO) license requirements

A breakdown of requirements for all MLO licensing in California.

2014 home sales volume disappoints

Home sales volume slowed in 2014.

REIT investment: playing the real estate game from the sidelines

Share values for REITs are at an unprecedented high.

Will HELOC resets cause the next bust?

We tackle the rumored HELOC crisis.

Buyer purchasing power rises due to unexpected mortgage rate drop

BPPI rose in December but is expected to fall again.

Today's consumer price index change: tomorrow's residential rents

CPI for LA rose just slightly in December.

ARM rates linger near their bottom

ARM rates dropped in December.

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Comment of the Week

"After 15 years in the business, i haven’t met a single agent who purchased a Realtor Membership for any reason other than being forced to in order to also purchase the desired MLS Membership (somehow miraculously escaping anti-trust law prohibiting tie-in arrangements).

If Realtor Membership was voluntary (as it is with a few rare MLS’s), the NAR would be forced produce a tangible benefits. Imagine going to your local hamburger joint and being forced to buy a gallon of soda in order to get the burger. The gallon of soda is the same thing as the mandatory Realtor Membership; a large, bloated, expensive, calorie-rich, nutrient-void, bucket of fizz."

- MLS Monopoly Customer, on The Empire Cries Foul: NAR raises antitrust flag on Zillow/Trulia merger

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